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Celebrating cultural diversity

India is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. Throughout the year, our Indian colleagues organise events to recognise and celebrate different festivals. Recently they created the theme “unity in diversity” to celebrate Diwali – a five-day festival of lights, with people dressed up in traditional clothes from various states and regions. The event helped promote a feeling of unity and showed the care and respect our colleagues have for each other’s traditions and beliefs.


The New Year’s Gift Tree

Our Turkish colleagues decided to get their New Year off to a good start by visiting children living in East Anatolia, one of poorest regions of Turkey. They collected the children’s New Year wishes and hung them on the New Year Gift Tree at work. Each colleague then bought an item from the wish list and placed the present under the tree for the children.


An alliance to help India get back to work

Our four leading global HR service companies in India – Gi Group Holding, Randstad, The Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup, formed an alliance to “Help India Get Back to Work Safely”. The organisations combined their knowledge and strengths to form a framework of non-commercial alliance. The objective of this collaboration was to jointly tackle the key challenges facing the labour market and minimise the negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy.


Our global acquisition process

One of our global growth strategies is to acquire interesting local companies. In recent years, we have fine-tuned our ability to successfully handle acquisitions by merging corporate cultures and integrating different work habits so that we can work towards one of our goals of creating an inclusive workplace. We believe our business is stronger and better when we welcome new colleagues, make sure everyone’s voice is heard and learn from each other.


Student programmes for empowering young people

Our training division team in Serbia regularly participates in various student programmes with the aim of empowering young people and helping them build their soft skills. As part of this, we held a two-day training session on presentation skills for Belgrade University graduates, organised by the Centre for Career Development.


Sharing best practices

At Gi Group Holding, we believe that by sharing our best practices with other countries we develop our expertise further and support the growth of the business. We have organised many webinars, global events and business meetings to accomplish this. We have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, understand our strengths and improve the way we work by generously sharing our knowledge with colleagues, customers and clients.


The Destination Work initiative

Destination Work is a national event organised by 125 volunteers who work across our different branches and HQ. They come together after work hours to offer career advice to those who need it most. In 2020, over 800 people, which included students and job seekers, signed up for the event. Personal branding, interview training and career coaching are just some of the topics covered by our volunteers every year.


20th Anniversary celebrations

The 20th Anniversary celebrations of Gi Group was an amazing global event enjoyed by our employees all over the world. It was a chance to share our passion for this amazing job that helps change people’s lives for the better. We got the opportunity to strengthen our bonds and celebrate our journey, successes and lessons learnt, together.


School employability initiatives

Due to lack of funding, many schools in the UK have found themselves without career advisors. For many years, our business has been working together with several of these schools to support their employability initiatives. We help students understand the realities of the job market and empower them with tools to find the right job.


The strategic committee’s response to unexpected situations

Our Strategic Committee empowers the business to effectively react and respond to any situation. During the pandemic, the committee helped us take care of our employees from day one and provide them with the information, tools and mental support they required. We also launched several internal initiatives to help support our team – all made possible by the quick thinking of our top management team.


Building electricity awareness and fuel efficiency

GI Group Holding UK constantly promotes messages focused on sustainability. Our colleagues are asked to turn off lights and computers when not in use and we have changed the office light bulbs to LED efficient ones. These actions alone have helped reduce our electricity consumption. We also promote car share wherever possible and only travel when needed to reduce our carbon footprint. Our employees also have access to a car driver’s manual with suggestions on carloads and tips for driving efficiently.


Plastic-free initiative

Our new headquarters in Turin took on a plastic-free initiative when designing their office installations. This involved creating beverage dispensers that provided drinks in paper cups with wooden stirrers, snack and drink machines that only dispensed drinks in cans, and hot and cold-water dispensers ideal for refillable bottles. The initiative encouraged other offices and branches to adopt similar eco-friendly methods in their own work environment.