HR Ecosystem.

Gi Group Holding is one of the world’s leading providers of services for the evolution of the labour market.

Through a global staffing and recruitment business ecosystem that counts with seven individual, yet complementary business lines – Gi Group, Gi BPO, INTOO, Wyser, Grafton, Tack/TMI, JobToMe – we provide a full suite of staffing and recruitment services.

Gi Group Holding is the 9th largest European staffing firm (3rd privately held), and 19th worldwide (8th privately held).

+ 155.000


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+ 18.000


Temporary &
Permanent Staffing

Taking a holistic, people-centred approach, we make the staffing process simpler: from candidate sourcing to workforce management.
  • We have a global perspective and thorough industry-specific knowledge.
  • We deliver flexible, integrated and scalable solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals.
  • We build long-lasting relationships, understanding clients’ and candidates’ needs to match the right people with the right companies.
  • We act responsibly to make the labour market thrive.


For over 40 years we have been the trusted partner of companies who want to hire the best professionals quickly and efficiently.

  • Our results-focused team forge lifelong relationships with clients and candidates.
  • We offer innovative, tailored solutions for the wide variety of talent management challenges that businesses face today.
  • Our specialist consultants work with clients and candidates across disciplines. Always looking for ways to add value.
One Group Gi Group Holding


+ 600


One Group


+ 300


Middle Management and
Executive Recruitment

We partner with forward-thinking Companies
to identify and engage talented managers, through deep Market expertise, shared strategies and a tailored consultancy.

  • We operate a global model covering 3 continents with cross-border solutions, and international mobility programs and partnerships.
  • We adopt a consulting approach to recruitment, based on customer and need analysis, tailored solutions and a comprehensive candidate management strategy.
  • Specialisation by job families (know-how and value generation) and sub-specialization by industry.
  • A strong focus on building long-lasting partnerships.

Business Processes Outsourcing

We are your specialised advanced outsourcing partner who takes the responsibility for results through flexibility, lasting relationships and a strong work ethic.

Our Operating Model is based on 3 pillars:

  • Responsibility for the results of the outsourced services, resulting in greater efficiency and flexibility.
  • Process transactions at a lower unit cost thanks to technology and economies of scale.
  • A LEAN model which provides a high-quality customer experience, greater process control and cost transparency.
Gi Group One Group
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One Group
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+ 600


& Development

With over 110 years of experience,  we empower Companies and their people to work better and grow, leveraging deep empathetic relationships, a diverse collection of content, and brilliant learning experiences.

Our clients choose us for:

  • Our global footprint. We deliver learning to a consistent global standard while adapting to local cultures and the specific needs of your learners.
  • Our array of content & flexibility to customise solutions. We have both research-based solutions and the flexibility to customise learning content to your business reality and requirements.
  • Our commitment to quality & consistency. We deliver programmes of all different sizes on time, to a high quality and with the latest in learning design and delivery.

Career Transition
and Employability

We help People adapt to change at work and organizations in their transformation process. We offer hi-touch, people-centric coaching, mentoring, career development, change management and outplacement services.

INTOO is also a founding member of the Career Star Group, a global association of the world’s leading outplacement companies.



+ 100






Programmatic Job
Advertising Platform

We help people get the right jobs and employers find the right employees, reducing economic insecurity for “Blue Collar” workers around the world.

We want to become the European leader in Blue Collar digital acquisition, delivering value at scale to employers and candidates, by developing the best programmatic job advertising engine and web properties network.