News - The rationalization of the Group structure

Record results in 2021 and successfully completed the rationalization of the Group structure

Revenues € 3.2 billion, +30% vs 2020 and Net Profit € 40 million, +15% vs 2020
July 1st, 2022

Gi Group Holding, one of the main global players in HR services and consultancy, finalized on June 20th 2022 its reorganization by completing the rationalization of the corporate structure, and starting from today, July 1st,2022 launches the new Group’s organization.

The decision follows the evolution of the Group and the desire to respond, with organizational efficiency, to the growing size of Gi Group Holding which achieved the best economic and financial results in its history in 2021, with a presence in 29 Countries worldwide, over 650 branches and offices and more than 6,700 employees.

The FY2021 ended with revenues exceeding € 3.2 billion, up more than 30% compared to the previous year, with a contribution from international revenues of about 51%. Profitability also increased with Gross Profit of € 423 million, +37% compared to 2020, EBITDA equal to € 115 million, +43% compared to 2020, and Net Profit of € 40 million, +15% compared to the previous year.

The evolution and continuous global growth led the management to start a process of renewal. In particular, the new structure aims to simplify hierarchical levels and governance by concentrating control under a single holding company, GI GROUP HOLDING S.p.A., with the resources to coordinate the activities of the Italian and foreign subsidiaries. The goal is to maximize overall value and internal synergies, simplify cash chain, improve the Group’s recognizability, promote M&A strategy and potential operations on the capital markets.

The strategy launched by Gi Group Holding has allowed a rapid growth not only in Italy but especially abroad thanks to the numerous and successfully M&A operations. Today we are in effect a world-class player, able to compete with sector leaders, with the ambition to continue with determination in the further development of our business. The growth path undertaken must also be sustainable and this is the reason why we have decided to simplify the Group's structure in order to achieve efficiencies and facilitate extraordinary finance operations in the best possible way.

In executive terms, the reorganization is configured as follows:

  • Merger by incorporation of “SCL HOLDING S.p.A.” into “GI GROUP HOLDING S.r.l.”, and simultaneous transformation into “Società per Azioni” with the adoption of a new statute;
  • Partial demerger of “GI GROUP S.p.A.” in favour of “GI GROUP HOLDING S.p.A.” ;
  • Merger by incorporation of “GI INTERNATIONAL S.r.l.”, into “GI GROUP HOLDING S.p.A.”.

Gi Group Holding holds the participation and intangible assets (brands and know-how), a team dedicated to the definition and control of the implementation of the Group’s strategic guidelines, as well as management activities, such as administration, finance, IT, marketing, in favor of subsidiaries.

Following a representation of the Group’s evolution:

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