#Changelives - From Purpose to Impact

Discover the Group's brand-new Employee Value Proposition in the words of our own Global HR senior Director Maria Luisa Cammarata.

Milan, April 4th, 2022

What allows a unique, successful multinational company to grow to a level where it’s present in more than 30 countries around the world? It’s the sharing of values and purpose: the “reason why” that guides people who work in, and give life to, the organisation. This becomes even more important when that multinational business turns into a SINGLE Holding Corporation as has just happened to Gi Group.

Our Group is a global ecosystem of integrated HR services offering More than Work. We take care of Candidates, Clients and our People with a positive, life-changing impact on our Employees, the Labour Market, Companies and Society. 


This is not just a catchy hashtag. It is our value proposition, shared globally, which responds to a strong need among our people: the need to make a difference. 

At Gi Group Holding we change lives. As a people-centred company, no matter what role you have, you will embark on a journey where you will use your ambition, innovative thinking, experience and skills to change people’s lives: including your own. You can really make a difference. 

In Gi Group we are all #LifeChangers. This means that all of us, every day, live the deep meaning that forms the reason why we are in the market: contributing as a key player on a global level to its evolution and emphasising the personal and social value of work. Have a look here to discover more.

Employer Value Proposition – a promise to Give and Get

#Changelives is the key claim of our Employer Value Proposition, a promise that Gi Group Holding makes to all its people. This means they will both “Give and Get”. Their commitment leads them to have an impact on the lives of others, and there are many benefits this brings to their career path.

Our EVP is supported by 3 message pillars:

Whatever our backgrounds and wherever we are based in the world, we all share the same purpose. We put people first – and that starts with the people around us. We listen and we collaborate because when we work together, we really can change the world of work for the better. 

We always want to do better, both as a business and as individuals. Thanks to our global, multidisciplinary setup, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to opportunities to learn and grow. You will be trusted to navigate your own career journey, but we will do whatever it takes to help you grow.

We are proud of our history, of who we are and where we have come from, but we are not finished growing yet. We think innovatively and act autonomously, we are trusted to take educated risks and encouraged to learn from our mistakes. It means that whatever your role, location or brand, at Gi Group Holding you matter. You are seen for what you contribute and empowered to achieve even more.

The proposition is founded on 6 values shared by our people everywhere. It reflects our approach to the labour market and the societies and communities where we operate.


Launching the EVP globally

The EVP would not be effective had it stopped with the construction of its key messages. Real impact comes from the dissemination of those messages and values among all brands and people in the Gi Group Holding.

The first, and perhaps most exciting, moment in this “execution phase” of the EVP was its global introduction. It has been a challenge to make this happen in recent years which have been difficult for everyone. Still, it has been doubly exciting to address a global audience: very heterogeneous but united by the company’s vision and, above all, full of experts and also sensitive to the issues of employer branding.

Being an HR manager in a multinational labour company is distinct, challenging, and stimulating. People in the company are extremely aware of how important sharing a vision, values, and purpose can be for worker engagement and satisfaction. They know how it can have a direct impact on business results. Eventually, emotional stress (and even fatigue) is replaced by satisfaction. The feedback we have received shows that we have made the right choices: our people consider Gi Group a workplace where they are supported and can achieve their full potential.

However, when telling the story of this exciting project, I cannot ignore the fact that many people in our global family have faced, and are still facing, difficult times due to the aftermath of the pandemic and the current atrocious conflict in the heart of Europe. Gi Group Holding is firmly committed to ensuring people’s safety in the shared hope that we can all soon look forward to a brighter future.

Maria Luisa Cammarata
Global HR Senior Director
Gi Group Holding

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