News - Gi Group makes a major global acquisition Acquisition of Tack and TMI

Gi Group makes a major global acquisition

Acquisition of Tack and TMI
Milan, 12/9/2016

We recently acquired the leading global training and consulting companies TACK and TMI.

TACK is headquartered in the UK and operates through an international network of partners in 60 countries, from 54 global offices, designing and delivering training and consulting solutions in 35 languages for clients who span every industry, size and scale. TACK has built an enviable reputation over more than 68 years of providing class leading training in the areas of Sales and Sales Leadership, Leadership and Management, Soft Skills / Personal Development and Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability.

TMI, headquartered in Denmark, is a leading global consulting and training company, which also works via a network of partner companies worldwide providing innovative, customised solutions that inspire and enable strategy implementation and business transformation by shaping organisational cultures. TMI’s global outreach, delivery and project management capability extends to more than 45 countries worldwide, with over 600 trainers and consultants working in 35 languages around the world.

On making the acquisition, Stefano Colli-Lanzi, founder and CEO of Gi Group, said: “This is an important strategic acquisition for us as we can now add international training and consulting capability to our rapidly growing list of HR related services. We have of course known TMI and TACK for several years as a partner in a number of territories and have always been impressed by the calibre, commitment and professionalism of everyone involved in both operations. In the coming months we will work towards the integration of TACK and TMI within our group.”

Global Managing Director of TACK and TMI Kostas Hatzigeorgiou adds to this: “I am convinced and confident that this important and exciting change will best serve the greater good for Gi Group, TACK and TMI. It will create significant additional benefits and values for our clients, our partners, and our internal teams. We have been working with Gi Group for many years and are impressed that since the launch of the company in 1998, Stefano Colli-Lanzi and team have managed to develop, grow and establish Gi Group as one of the world’s leading companies, providing services for the development of the labour market. We are proud to be part of this multinational group.”

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