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Gi Group Holding for a Sustainable Labour Market

Our Sustainable Work Manifesto is the official stance on our vision, beliefs, and concrete actions that we bring to life in our daily work to promote sustainability in the labour market.
Milan - May 26th, 2022

In today’s complex and fast-changing world, what role does a global HR company have in generating value?

At Gi Group we are More than Work, we want to have a positive, life-changing impact on our Employees, Labour Market, Companies and Society. Since 1998, through our services, we pursue our mission “to contribute as a key player and on a global level to the evolution of the labour market and emphasise the personal and social value of work”.

Our commitment to a Sustainable Work is enriched a continuous dialogue with our main Stakeholders:

We will continue to encourage this dialogue, because we believe that Sustainable Work is not only a priority for the future, but it should be a reality for society, for companies and for people, with a special concern for future generations, and the most vulnerable or under-represented groups.


Discover Our Sustainable Work Manifesto here.

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