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Gi Group Holding è un ecosistema globale di servizi e consulenza HR dedicato al mondo del lavoro

Le nostre soluzioni sono pensate per contribuire a uno sviluppo sostenibile del mercato del lavoro attraverso la creazione di valore sociale ed economico.

Ci occupiamo di temporary, permanent e professional staffing, ricerca e selezione, executive selection, outplacement, formazione, outsourcing, amministrazione e consulenza HR.

Siamo membri della World Employment Confederation.

Our Group is a global ecosystem of integrated HR services.

We are among the world’s leading companies providing services for the development of the labour market. Our solutions are designed to contribute to a sustainable development of the labor market through the creation of social and economic value.

We are active in temporary, permanent and professional staffing, search and selection, executive selection, outplacement, training solutions, oursourcing, administration and HR consulting activities.

Ranked among the six largest European and 17 largest global staffing firms, we are also a global corporate member of the World Employment Confederation.

The Temporary, Permanent and Professional Staffing solutions are designed for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate and multinational companies for which the Group has developed specific know-how.

Gi Group
Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

Wyser partners with talented managers by developing their career journey to unlock unique opportunities with insightful knowledge, human connection and smart advice. We work with forward-looking companies to discover and engage talented managers, through our deep market expertise, shared strategies and a tailored consultancy.

Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

EXS deals with services dedicated to the Executive world. We support the evolution and transformation of Executive Selection by integrating it with scientific and digital developments.

EXS Italia
Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 8725 0300

C2C is Gi Group Holding's sales and field marketing company.

Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

Enginium is the company of Gi Group Holding specialized in technological consultancy services.

Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

Gi On Board is the company specialized in the study, design and supply of solutions capable of optimizing the management of Outsourcing activities.

Gi On Board
Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

With over 30 years’ experience across the US, UK, Ireland and Italy, INTOO helps people and companies understanding and embracing changes. We work on people's employability to support their professional career within the company and in the job market, throughout their working life.

Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 673 9711

Gi HR Services is the company specialized in Outsourcing services to support the Administration and Personnel Management.

Gi HR Services
Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

Using the latest in learning solutions, design and technology, Tack TMI makes learning and behaviour change stick. Our rich proven content portfolio leverages over 110 years’ experience and enables us to partner with you to provide scalable, flexible and global learning solutions.

Tack TMI
Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

Specialized s in human resource management systems. In ODM Consulting we work to transform people's potential into performance, engage them, recognize their contribution and improve the organization.

Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 4441 1090

Gi Formazione is the company of the Group providing training services and training consultancy courses for temporary workers.

Gi Formazione
Piazza IV Novembre, 5 – 20124 Milano
+39 2 444 111

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