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Gi Group Holding is present in Cyprus through Tack TMI services and thanks to a partnership with Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd signed in January 2014.

CRC is a private business consulting and Research & Development firm operating in Cyprus. In 2004, the company launched “NLP in Cyprus” a specialised service line for the promotion of Neurolinguistic Programming.

With over 110 years of experience and expertise, Tack TMI is your global learning and development experts. TACK Cyprus has been active in the region since 2017.

The Charakis Research & Consulting Ltd ., Established in 2003 in Cyprus and in 2004 expanded to Greece by establishing CRC Hellas EPE. At the same time, nlpincyprus was created in 2004 and since then it is the pioneer in Cyprus in the promotion of specialized services in business protocol of the Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. ( www.nlpgreece.gr ) Since 2013 he is the partner of the multinational company Gi Group SpA . in Cyprus.

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With over 110 years combined experience and expertise, Tack TMI are the global learning and development experts.

3, Arch. Makarios Ave., Loukaides Court, 4th floor, Office 401, 4000 Limassol, Mesa Geitonia, Cyprus

Phone:  +30 210 32 59 350
Email: doukas@optimalhrgroup.com

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