2024 IT
Global HR Trends

2024 IT
Global HR
Trends Report

Despite the mass tech layoffs in 2023, the search for IT talent goes on, with smaller businesses and non-tech sectors maintaining strong demand for tech talent. For companies and HR professionals, navigating the changing tides needs a thorough understanding of current and upcoming trends.

Our 2024 Global HR Trends report aims at guiding you through the complexities of the IT job market, employee expectations, and corporate hiring practices through data-driven insights and recommendations.

Dive into what’s shaping IT and work culture and discover how your company can adapt to this ever-evolving landscape. Download our Report >

The main technologies shaping careers and trends for IT workers

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Cloud Computing


Enhance Employee

What makes IT workers happy?

From a survey of 5000 individuals across various sectors, IT stood out with an impressive overall job satisfaction score of 8.4/10. The report delves deeper into how IT professionals perceive their working conditions, including ideas for optimising these aspects in your workplace.

What initiatives is your company implementing to ensure IT workers remain happy and engaged in their roles?


employees satisfaction score

Solve Recruitment

IT is seen as a prosperous career path today, and many young people are training to enter the field. Despite this, many IT specialities are in short supply, with companies competing for the interest of qualified candidates.

Key decision-makers agree that recruitment remains arduous as candidates juggle multiple offers, selecting only the best. Our survey underscores this reality: 47.3% of companies struggle to find staff with advanced digital skills to some or a great extent, contrasting with only 12.4% who face no difficulties.

What strategies are you considering to tap into the mindset of IT candidates and make your company stand out?

Attract top-notch

Insights from our survey show the weighted values that IT workers and candidates place on job benefits. Among them, 49% prioritise salary highest, while 31.2% emphasize work-life balance, and 21.1% prefer low-stress jobs. Career advancement is essential for 25.3%, with 13.1% valuing ongoing skills development.

How does your company plan to attract top-tier IT talent?


of IT workers prioritise compensation

Empower your IT workforce

IT pros are keen on advancing their careers, and our survey discloses the routes they take to acquire new skills: 39.1% utilize employer-organised training, while 33.7% pursue self-initiated online courses. Recognising these trends is vital to facilitate the right support structures effectively.

How is your organisation adjusting to the learning preferences of IT employees to foster their career growth and skill development?


of IT professional are learning new skills

Nurturing IT Talent for a Positive Work Culture

IT workers value good pay, a balanced lifestyle, and career growth, but our survey shows they want better stress management, income, and advancement opportunities from their employers.

Flexible work is key, with many IT professionals preferring hybrid setups over fully remote roles. High workload and unclear career paths are major stress factors for them.

Companies that work to solve these problems can improve their teams’ happiness and keep their top talents longer.

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