International mobility in the EU, a new White Paper by Gi Group.

The new paper by Gi Group outlines how international mobility can be an upskilling solution for candidates and an effective response to labour shortage.

With the rising candidate and skill shortages in today’s European labour market, many companies are struggling to find workforce within their countries and regions.

Indeed, data shows that vacancies are at their highest level for over a decade and in some cases even exceed pre-pandemic figures (source: WEC Global Labour Shortage Statistical Briefing). More in detail, according to the World Employment Confederation Report on Eurostat Data, since January 2020 the labour shortage has increased by 40%-60% in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK and 40% in Austria, while Portugal has registered peaks of +20%-40% and Germany and Poland of +20% in the period.

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If fostered by accurate, active policies at a national level, International Mobility can surely become a continuous upskilling engine, allowing people to become truly employable and to fulfill sustainable work and life conditions, and ultimately generate value in society

In such a context, international mobility can be win-win for both businesses and candidates

On the one hand, sourcing workforce from other countries helps companies successfully find the people and skills they need in the short term, and supports their competitiveness and stability in the long term.

On the other hand, international mobility can represent a powerful, continuous upskilling engine, allowing people to fullfil sustainable work and life conditions.

Gi Group’s White Paper delves into the topic of international mobility in the European Union, underlying the sizable opportunities it offers companies and workers. It also highlights the countries and industries where it is more relevant and the most required job profiles and, finally, it explains how Gi Group works alongside clients and candidates by managing a wide range of tasks concerning international mobility and workers’ integration, thus leading to better performance and productivity for companies.

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