Wyser’s recommended skill set for today’s leaders.

Wyser's White Paper "Effective leadership in action: an analysis" takes an indepth look at the top-level managerial qualities and skills.

In 2020 our world changed more or less overnight, and in a matter of days many people, countries, governments and systems were literally thrust into a state somewhere between total paralysis and chaos.

For many businesses it was a sink or swim situation, and for those that succeeded in swimming there can be no doubt that it was due to CEO and senior management leadership qualities and capabilities, which were given virtually free rein in the most difficult of circumstances.

During that period a study conducted showed that 61% of those interviewed defined the most trusted institutions at the time to be businesses and looked to them to lead on a range of vexing and complex issues. In that same time frame, expectations from business leaders were exceptionally high. Proof that superior leadership skills were paramount in moving businesses, people, societies and countries into a different kind of economy.

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Wyser’s White Paper takes an indepth look at the top-level managerial qualities and skills that emerged during that time as paramount to guiding not only the businesses themselves, but also the wider communities, towards (mentally and physically) safe spaces, productive environments, creating hope for the future whilst demonstrating empathy and understanding which in turn fostered trust and allegiance. All told, many of these companies succeeded in bringing their teams together as one, to step up to the plate in trying conditions, and succeeded.

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