Continuous learning, upskilling and reskilling.

The new White Paper by Gi Group outlines the benefits professional training can bring to individuals and companies in today’s challenging labour market.

Over the last years, the European Union and developed markets in general have experienced a constant increase in job vacancies, which more recently have been exacerbated by labour shortages. According to the latest White Paper by Gi Group, continuous learning, upskilling and reskilling can play a crucial role in tackling such issues, especially in blue-collar jobs.


Moreover, effective skilling strategies represent an extraordinary opportunity for the people themselves to enhance their employability and make better career choices. In addition, data show that higher skills tend to be correlated with better salaries and economic conditions. Last but not least, gaining more skills improves personal satisfaction.

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Nowadays, several industries are being disrupted by digital innovation and socioeconomic instability affecting their supply and demand dynamics. By investing in continuous upskilling and leveraging the reliability and experience of their workforce, organisations can better respond to new operational needs and become more competitive. Tailor-made training & development paths are powerful tools that companies can use to counteract severe candidate shortage, increase retention and help realign job supply and demand, thus creating a more inclusive environment that ensures employability and sustainable working conditions.

This is even more relevant when we consider that not only 50% of the employees will need reskilling by 2025, but – as data show – 26% of European companies find it very difficult to hire candidates with the skills they are looking for, with shortages being particularly widespread in manual jobs.

Featuring in-depth analyses and remarkable insights, Gi Group’s study outlines the numerous benefits that training can bring to both employees and employers. Not only: it also explains how its 6-step Professional Training solution – an actual journey for the temporary workers, first time job seekers, the unemployed, candidates and staff-leasing workers along their professional path – can effectively create added value for both people and companies as well as support the creation of the culture of “sustainable work”.

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