News - Global Banking Day 2022

Global Banking Day 2022

Sharing with our financial partners our 2021 results, achivements and growth drivers.
Milan, Italy (09 June 2022)

On June 9th, we hosted our first-ever Gi Group Holding Global Banking Day, a moment to engage with our financial community and illustrate key strategic topics for our company.

2022 has been – and will continue to be – a very special year for the organization. With the creation of Gi Group Holding, our business strategy is crystal clear and
robust. We are propelling our business forward in a way that is now more integrated than ever, supported by strategic investments that enable us to
further our positioning as the leader in the global staffing and resourcing industry, generating positive impact for the regions in which we
operate. Some of these elements, as illustrated by our CEO & Founder Stefano Colli-Lanzi, Global Chief Financial Officer Nicola Dell’Edera, Global
Marketing & Communication Senior Director Luca Gatti, and Global Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Luca Giovannini, include: 

A Strategic Growth Trajectory

Since 1998, our company has evolved into the world’s 16th largest staffing and recruiting company (based on 2020 revenue figures), with a direct presence in 29 countries across Europe, APAC and the Americas and over 650 branches and offices.  By providing employment to 140,000 full time employees in 2021, our successes are driven by more than 6,700 passionate executives who are committed to our shared objective of creating a sustainable, streamlined and enjoyable Global Market for Candidates and Companies, reflecting Labour Market needs. All this while grounded in our purpose of Sustainable Work, which means putting into place actions across people, companies and institutions/society to promote living and working conditions that support individuals throughout an extended working life. And, looking ahead, our growth opportunity and strategic investments are tied to helping our clients navigate the complex issues our world is facing today, in turn giving us the ability to have an even greater positive impact on People, Candidates, and Clients. 

A Strategic Growth Trajectory

In April 2022, the new Gi Group Holding brand was launched to create further cohesion by giving one voice to our Company, lead integrated actions by all Business Lines. Additionally, along with a new and contemporary look and feel which respected our past, we’ve created a Corporate Value Proposition expressed in the payoff “More than Work” which encompasses pillars of being an ambitious Global HR Leader positively influencing the Labour Market, Championing Sustainable Work, fostering an enjoyable work environment across organizations and being a Top Employer for both candidates and our own employees. Complementing this, our internal Employee Value Proposition #ChangeLives expresses our ambition to have a positive impact on the lives of others. 

A Strategic Growth Trajectory

We are accelerating our digital offerings to meet – and anticipate – the needs of our business. We are doing this by implementing a digital transformation plan that is helping to embed an innovative mindset and put us at the industry forefront. Indeed, our investments in machine learning, analytics, on-premises data movement, and real-time data movement tracking are creating a complementary data and insights ecosystem that allows us to become a true digital-centric company. 

A Strategic Growth Trajectory

Throughout our company’s history, our calculated strategic investments and moves advanced our capability to grow and be resilient, even when faced with challenging market ebbs and flows. Our most recent 2021 results are remarkable, thanks to the contribution of the entire Gi Group Holding community counting with €3.2 billion in revenues (up by more than 30% vs. FY20) and a Net Profit of € 40 million (+15% vs. FY20). 2021 was, in fact, the first time we have achieved over €100 million in EBITDA (€115 million, +43% vs. FY20). And 2022 forecasts continue to see us on this positive path. With over 50% of our revenues from outside of Italy, our Group will continue to make investments – and open up to capital market opportunities that will further expand our footprint and leadership positioning in key markets around the world.  We are also continuing on a path to reorganize the corporate governance to become even more integrated and accelerate our International Growth trajectory, our ESG culture and foster an Innovative Business Model

We look forward to sharing continued successes as our passionate team of professionals across the world work together to implement our strategic vision and make the difference with People, Labour Market and Society by being #MoreThanWork.


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