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Gi Group Holding operates in UAE thanks to a partnership with Optimal HR Group signed in 2014.

Optimal was created in 2005 in order to provide high-quality, personalised HR services to medium and large-cap companies operating in the Middle East. In 2013 we established UAE operations in Dubai.
Uniflex is a registered Staffing Agency. We assist with hiring, recruitment and reassignment of staff in the following professional sectors: Warehousing, Construction, Electricity, Customer Service, Sales, Administration, Industry/Industrial.
We are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Small Cap and operates in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We are also a member of Almega Recruitment Companies and have collective agreements with LO, Unionen och Akademikerförbunden. Our company adheres to high standards and are environmentally, quality and work environmentally certified.


Since 2005, Optimal HR Group provides unparalleled, bespoke HR services to large organisations and SMEs operating in the EMEA region.

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