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Gi Group Announces The Launch Of Gi Group Holding

The New Corporate Brand Represents The Company's Global, Multi-Brand Staffing And Recruitment Business Ecosystem With A Footprint In 30 Countries.
Milan - 4th April, 2022

With revenues of €3.3 billion and a staff of over 6,000, the creation of the new holding company enables a more integrated and strategic approach for one of the world’s leading provider of services for the evolution of the labour market.

Today, Gi Group announced its evolution with the launch of Gi Group Holding ( Effective immediately, the new corporate brand further unifies the strategic approach and impact of Gi Group Holding solutions, which provides a full suite of staffing and recruitment services. Headquartered in Milan and counting over 6,000 employees, thanks to its direct presence, the group is active in 30 nations worldwide. The new Holding company – through its key brands – provides services to more than 20,000 companies generating revenues of €3.3 billion (2021 figures ), making it the 5th largest European staffing firm, and 16th worldwide. Collectively, over the past five years, between 2017-2021, the group has experienced an increase in revenues of 65% (+€1.3 billion). Against the backdrop of the current complex global human resources situation, these positive results – coupled with this important step in the company’s history – highlight the group’s leading position in the marketplace. Indeed, Gi Group Holding aims to create a sustainable, streamlined, and joyful Global Labour Market, reflecting the ever-changing needs of candidates and companies.

The core purpose of Gi Group Holding is to demonstrate value for “More than Work” by supporting candidates in their daily lives and promoting positive and open environments through a commitment to creating enjoyable and safe working environments, in turn providing collaborative workplaces where employees feel free to express themselves and propose new ideas and solutions.

Indeed, Gi Group Holding’s global integrated HR Services ecosystem works to generate sustainable social and economic value, in turn building an enjoyable work environment that can be life-changing for employees. Through the employee value proposition -“Changing Lives”, – the Group’s global, yet complementary brands, offer a 360° suite of offerings that provide relevant, and impactful solutions to any client challenge, with expertise in quickly responding to – and anticipating – global and regional market trends and needs. These brands are:

• Gi Group: temporary staffing and development
• Gi BPO: business processes outsourcing
• INTOO: career transition and employability
• Wyser: Middle & Senior Manager search and selection
• Grafton: professional staffing
• TACK/TMI: learning and development

Over the next five years, the Group’s business strategy will focus on further consolidating stronghold markets (Italy, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Poland, China, & Spain) and on accelerating in high growth opportunity countries through organic growth and possible acquisitions. Additionally, the Group will work to reinforce and enhance its core Temporary Staffing business. A further strategic focus will be its Professional Staffing services, which has considerable potential, particularly through growing relationships with Top Corporate Clients.

Driving Gi Group Holding’s business strategy is CEO Stefano Colli-Lanzi, who stated:

Today marks an important and proud day in the history of our company. Since our founding in 1998, thanks to the invaluable contribution of our passionate employees worldwide, our organisation has grown to become a leading force in the human resources industry. Never before has the care for the individual been so crucial for organisational success. And with the creation of Gi Group Holding, our mission is increasingly clear: to contribute to the evolution of the sustainable labour market and to emphasize the personal and social value of work.

Among the priorities of the company’s people-first strategy is the promotion of Sustainable Work: a purposeful thread that is woven throughout the entire Holding’s activities. Through Sustainable Work, Gi Group Holding aims to elevate industry standards through activities that promote a shared, multi-stakeholder responsibility in helping achieve living and working conditions that support people throughout an extended working life. In fact, Sustainable Work refers to:

  • People: Helping grasp the meaning and value of work, taking care of psycho-physical well-being, investing in the development of hard and soft skills, and building professional and leadership relationships.
  • Companies: Improving resiliency, prioritising innovation and value creation, and investing in human capital. Additionally, promoting diversity and inclusion, reducing waste and paying attention to key environmental issues.
  • Institutions: Developing and supporting active labour policies, fighting undeclared work and tax evasion, promoting sustainable flexibility, reducing skills mismatch and promoting training to enhance people’s employability.

The launch of Gi Group Holding is enhanced with a digital ecosystem that includes new global website ( and dedicated LinkedIn page where news, insights and other engaging content will be made available for our global community.

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