News - 杰艾控股参与中国意大利商会第二期职业发展导师计划


Ningbo, 22/03/2024

The Young Professionals Network (中Y意) of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) in collaboration with Gi Group Holding, hosted the second edition of its Mentorship Program on Career Development for China.


The 2024 Edition of the Mentorship Program comprised two sessions, held on February 23rd (“Career Plan”) and on March 1st (“The Skill You Need”). 



Our Mentor Daniele Merlerati, Chief Regional Officer APAC, Switzerland, Baltics at Gi Group Holding, provided his expertise on the importance of a coherent career plan and relevant skills needed to access and grow professionally in the Chinese job market. The initiative, working as a structured platform to address major concerns of its 25 participants, was also the occasion to kick-start the annual activity plan of the CICC Young Professional Network.

此次的导师是来自杰艾控股Daniele Merlerati,其亚太地区、瑞士和波罗的海地区首席区域官。他结合实际情况,重点就两方面提出了自己的专业见解,分别是:连贯的职业规划的重要性,以及在中国就业市场获得专业发展所需的相关技能的重要性。同时,这提供了一个结构化平台,旨在解决25名与会者的主要关切点。这也是启动中国意大利商会年轻专家关系网年度活动计划的契机。

Mr. Merlerati provided an optimistic overview the Chinese market that, enriched by its dynamic and fast-paced environment, is particularly suitable to young professionals looking for a steady professional growth.



Together with an overview of the market, the Mentorship offered practical advice to navigate the difficulties of the Chinese job market and provided useful tips to the participants for effective job hunting


The Mentorship provided an updated overview on the Chinese job market to support fresh graduates and young professionals seeking career advice.


Inaugurating the activities of the CICC Young Professional Network, the Mentorship has laid the ground for the incoming initiatives planned for the year ahead.



Stay tuned for upcoming events!


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