News - 杰艾控股最新收购 THE BRIDGE,进一步强化其在拉丁美洲的市场地位


随着 The Bridge 的加入,杰艾控股完成了集团历史上的第50次收购,并进一步强化了其服务能力。
Ningbo, January 2023

Gi Group Holding announced the purchase of The Bridge, an HR technology consultancy focused on building and scaling up digital capabilities for multinational businesses, as the 50th acquisition the business has made.

杰艾控股宣布收购 The Bridge一家专注于为跨国企业建立和扩大数字化能力的人力资源技术咨询公司,这也是其进行的第50次收购

Founded in 2017 in Santiago de Chile, The Bridge Social offers clients a global network of creative, technological, and digital professionals, built on the promise of creating meaningful connections between companies and clients. The acquisition will allow Gi Group Holding to expand not only its regional presence, but also strengthen its offering in the HR technology space. Indeed, The Bridge Social’s cutting-edge technology, combined with Gi Group Holding’s expertise in recruitment and staffing, will provide a unique and comprehensive solution for clients looking to optimize their Technology, Design and Data science professional teams.

2017年,The Bridge Social 在智利圣地亚哥成立,专注于为客户提供一个由创意、技术和数字专家组成的全球网络,承诺在公司和客户之间建立有意义的联系。此次收购不仅扩大了杰艾控股的业务区域,还加强了其在人力资源技术领域的服务提供。实际上,The Bridge Social 的尖端技术将与杰艾控股在招聘和派遣方面的专业知识相结合,从而为那些希望优化其技术、设计和数据科学专业团队的客户提供独特而全面的解决方案

Over the years, Gi Group Holding management has pursued a measured, strategic approach to business growth: developing both internal company services and talent, while also acquiring new businesses whose service and product offerings complement and enhance the Group structure. This holds especially true when it comes to delivering the best services possible for Gi Group Holding clients and candidates.


Throughout our company’s history, strategic investments and acquisition have advanced our capability to grow and be resilient: even when faced with challenging market ebbs and flows. Our most recent 2021 results are remarkable, thanks to earnings contributions from the entire Gi Group Holding community amounting to 3.2 billion EUR in revenues (up by more than 30% against the 2020 fiscal year).

纵观集团的发展历程,战略投资和收购明显提高了我们的成长能力和韧性:即使在面临充满挑战的市场起伏时期也是如此。我们在2021年的业绩非常出色,整个杰艾控股集团的收入贡献达到 了32亿欧元,与2020年相比增长了30%以上。

Gi Group Holding made its first acquisition way back in 2005 buying Fiat’s employment agency Worknet, making the Group the largest Italian-owned agency at the time; with turnover of 320 million EUR and 190 branches. Only a year later, it completed its first foreign acquisition by purchasing Germany’s Mumme Personaldientsleistungen GmbH, and in 2008 its first extra-European company purchase with the buy-out of the permanent and professional staffing service agency, Elixir. During that same year, the Group took over Brazil’s S&L Recurso Humanos, marking its first acquisition in Latin America, and completed further international expansion to China, France, and Spain.

杰艾控股于2005年首次收购菲亚特的专属人力资源公司 Worknet,成为当时最大的意大利本地人力资源服务供应商,年营收达3.2亿欧元,并拥有190家分支机构。仅仅一年后,它通过收购德国的 Mumme Personaldientsleistungen GmbH 完成了第一次海外扩张,并于2008年收购了第一家欧洲公司,即 Elixir,一家提供长期和专业招聘的人力资源服务机构。同年,该集团接管了巴西的 S&L Recurso Humanos,这是其在拉丁美洲的首次收购,并完成了对中国、法国和西班牙的进一步国际扩张。

Just three years later Gi Group Holding would acquire R4S, giving the Group a presence in the UK. In the mid-2010s, Gi Group Holding began making a series of strategic acquisitions to expand its service portfolio: it bought TACK & TMI in 2016 giving the company an international opening to Learning & Development services and in 2018 it acquired Grafton, a brand dedicated to the development of candidates and their professional profiles.

短短三年之后,杰艾控股收购了 R4S,使该集团在英国有了一席之地。2010年代中期,集团开始进行一系列战略收购,以丰富其服务组合:2016年收购了 TACK&TMI,为其提供了学习与发展服务的国际开拓,2018年收购了 Grafton,一个致力于培养候选人及其专业资质的品牌。

In 2022, Gi Group Holding purchased EUPro which significantly elevate the Milan-based group’s footprint and capabilities in Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein, becoming number one in the Ticino Canton. Furthermore, Gi Group Holding took a further step with the acquisition of CVO Recruitment and Simplika, which allowed the Group to be present in Estonia and Latvia, strengthening its presence in the Baltic region.

2022年,杰艾控股收购了 EUPro,这大大提升了总部位于米兰的集团在瑞士和列支敦士登的市场布局和能力,使其成为提契诺州的第一位列。此外,杰艾控股进一步收购了 CVO Recruitment和Simplika,使其得以在爱沙尼亚和拉脱维亚开展业务,并加强了其在波罗的海地区的影响力

In the last two years, the Group has made a couple of strategic, technology-focused acquisitions: first with its buy-up of the JobToME a Programmatic Job Advertising Solution company in 2021 and then, this year, by purchasing The Bridge Social.

在过去两年里,杰艾控股进行了几次以技术为重点的战略收购:首先是在2021收购了 JobToME 这家程序化招聘广告解决方案公司,然后在今年收购了 The Bridge Social

"With all our business buy-ups and acquisitions, there is always a clear strategy to why we seek to acquire specific companies. This ranges from intriguing and client-beneficial product offerings on to access to new markets or the delivery of technologies that will streamline our work and service-delivery processes. At Gi Group Holding, we have always believed in a combination of organic (internal service-driven) and acquisition-based growth. As we reach the 50th company purchase mark, we are proud that this strategy has paid off and brought us a tremendous wealth of know-how, market access, and service + product innovation."
– Stefano Colli-Lanzi, Founder & CEO

– Stefano Colli Lanzi,杰艾控股创始人兼首席执行官

We, at Gi Group Holding, look forward to sharing continued successes as our passionate team of professionals across the world, and from all the above-mentioned, successfully integrated businesses, work together to implement our strategic vision and make a difference for People, Labour Markets, and Society by being #MoreThanWork.

作为杰艾控股的一员,我们期待着与世界各地充满激情的专业团队以及上述所有成功融合的企业分享持续的成功,共同努力实现我们的战略愿景,并通过 #MoreThanWork 为员工、劳动力市场和社会做出贡献。

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