News - 杰艾控股成功完成对Kelly欧洲派遣业务的收购


Ningbo, 03/01/2024

意大利米兰(202413——杰艾控股今日宣布,成功完成对全球领先的专业人才解决方案提供商Kelly凯利服务(纳斯达克股票代码:KELYA, KELYB)欧洲派遣业务的收购。这是杰艾控股历史上金额最大的一次收购,通过该收购,其年度营收将增长至50亿欧元。

Milan, Italy (January 3, 2024) – Gi Group Holding announced today the successful completion of its acquisition of the European Staffing business of Kelly (Nasdaq: KELYA, KELYB), a leading global specialty talent solutions provider, making it the largest acquisition in Gi Group Holding’s history and increasing its revenues to five billion Euros.


The transaction accelerates Gi Group Holding’s growth strategy to become a leader in the global staffing and recruitment industry, as it expands its activities in eleven countries, such as France, Portugal and Switzerland, and additionally brings its services to Belgium, Luxembourg and Norway. It is especially notable given Kelly’s distinguished history in staffing services, further consolidating Gi Group Holding’s standing as a trusted, expert and reliable partner.  


The acquisition will enable Gi Group Holding to strengthen its offering in its Life Sciences, white collar temporary work and RPO capabilities, which will be integrated into its value proposition as the Holding strategically grows its HR ecosystem to deliver comprehensive services and solutions.


“This is a very exciting day for as we close our 51st acquisition, our largest one to date, and a fundamental step in our growth trajectory to become a global leader in HR services. This equally goes hand in hand with our emphasis on ensuring a positive contribution to the labour market, and, as such we are grateful to have found in Kelly a complementary partner. We’re looking forward to welcoming hundreds of new colleagues to our family who will undoubtedly give a valuable contribution to further our mission of disseminating and implementing Sustainable Work all around the globe.”

Stefano Collil-Lanzi
Gi Group Holding Founder & CEO

杰艾控股获得了以下专业协助 Gi Group Holding has been assisted by:

  • 贝克·麦坚时 Baker McKenzie——法律顾问 Legal Advisors
    Piazza Meda, 3, 20121 Milano, Italy
    280 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4RB, United Kingdom
  • 德勤 Deloitte——税务及财务顾问 Tax and Financial Advisor
    Via Tortona, 25, 20144 Milano, Italy
  • 斐石 Fieldfisher——财务法律顾问 Finance Legal Advisor
    Via della Moscova, 3 – 20121 Milano

杰艾控股相关内部人员包括 Gi Group Holding people involved:

  • 首席并购官 Chief M&A Officer:Maurizio Uboldi
  • 首席法务官 Chief Legal Officer:Dario Dell’Osa
  • 首席财务官 Chief Financial Officer:Nicola Dell’Edera
  • 全球并购整合经理 Global M&A Integration Manager:Martina Colli Lanzi
  • 全球并购战略项目经理 Global M&A Strategic Project Manager:Alessandro Berganton
  • 全球并购战略项目经理 Global M&A Strategic Project Manager:Maxime Courrege
  • 全球法务顾问 Global Legal Counsel:Sara Leone
  • 全球资金总监 Global Treasury Director:Francesca Comar
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