News - 杰艾控股公布2022财年业绩,确定其在劳动力市场作为全球重要参与者的地位


Ningbo, 30/06/2023


International Market Presence was Further Strengthened with The Group’s 50th M&A Operation


Double-digit growth of key consolidated economic and financial indicators, consolidated as of December 31, 2022, include:

  • 营收:36亿欧元,同比2021财年(32亿欧元)增长12.3%

    Revenue: €3.6B, +12,3% vs FY2021 (€3.2B)

  • 毛利:5.08亿欧元,同比2021财年(4.23亿欧元)增长20%

    Gross Profit: €508M, +20,0% vs FY2021 (€423M)

  • 税息折旧及摊销前利润:1.39亿欧元,同比2021财年(1.18亿欧元)增长21.1%

    EBITDA: €139M, +21,1% vs FY2021 (€118M)

  • 净利润:5400万欧元,同比2021财年(4000万欧元)增长33.4%

    Net Profit: €54M, +33,4% vs FY2021 (€40M)


Milan, Italy (June 29, 2023) – Gi Group Holding, one of the leading global players in HR services and consulting, during today shared results achieved in the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2022, as well as the strategic business and sustainability developments. 


February 2023 marked the 25th anniversary of Gi Group Holding. During this journey, the company has shown a constant path of growth and development which have allowed the Group to become one of the major global players in the industry, ranking 15th worldwideand 8th in Europe among staffing companies (according to SIA – Staffing Industry Analysts report – based on 2021 results).


Counting on the contribution and commitment of over 8,000 people, today, Gi Group Holding operates in 34 countries across Europe, America, and Asia, with over 650 branches and more than 20,000 client companies.

杰艾控股的首席执行官兼创始人Stefano Colli-Lanzi表示:“杰艾控股的成长战略旨在通过创造可持续的社会和经济价值来促进劳动力市场发展,所以我们不断致力于通过促进满足企业、个人和社会利益的工作文化来建立一个更高效的人力资源生态系统。事实证明,我们自25年前开始的旅程是成功的,它得到了持续的金融和经济增长的支持。2022年是充满变革和创新的一年,包括集团重组、品牌重塑、数字化转型和ESG项目等。此外,我们的对外扩张战略也在继续推进,并于2023年1月完成了第50次并购,实现了一个重要的里程碑。我们未来的目标是最大限度地提高整体价值和内部协同效应,精简业务管理和现金流,提高集团知名度并进一步推动国际化。集团的成功是所有员工共同努力的结果,他们每天都在为公司和全社会的福祉和发展做出贡献。

Stefano Colli-Lanzi, CEO & Founder of Gi Group Holding, stated, “Gi Group Holding’s growth strategy aims to evolve the labor market by creating sustainable, social, and economic value. This approach is reflected in our constant commitment to build a more effective and efficient HR ecosystem by promoting a work culture that satisfies the interests of businesses, individuals, and society. Our journey, started 25 years ago, has proven to be successful, and it was supported by continuous financial and economic growth. 2022 distinguished itself for being a year full of changes and innovation, including the Group’s reorganization, rebranding, digital transformation, and ESG projects. Furthermore, our external growth strategy went forward, and, in January 2023, with the 50th M&A operation, we achieved an important milestone. The goal for the future is to maximize overall value and internal synergies, streamline business management and cash flow, improve the Group’s recognition, and promote internationalization. The success of our Group is the result of the collaborative work of all our people who contribute every day to the wellbeing and development of our company and our society, worldwide.” 


Key consolidated results, as of December 31st, 2022



For Gi Group Holding, fiscal year 2022 confirmed significant double-digit growth compared to 2021: revenues amount to €3.6 billion, showing a 12.3% increase compared to the previous year, with positive performance in all regions outside Italy, particularly Eastern Europe (+51% vs FY21), Latin America and Southern Europe (+41% vs FY21), Asia, Switzerland, and the Baltic countries (+28% vs FY21), Central Europe (+9% vs FY21), and Italy (+7% vs FY21). This positive performance is also evident in the business lines. Representing the main driver of revenue and FTE (Full Time Equivalent) growth, Temporary & Permanent Staffing increased by 12% compared to the FY 2021, followed by Business Processes Outsourcing (+29% vs FY21), Middle & Senior Manager – Search & Selection(+26% vs FY21), and Learning & Development (+29% vs FY21).


Profitability also increased, with a gross profit of €508 million (+20% vs FY2021), EBITDAof €139 million (+21.1% vs FY2021), and a net profit of €54 million (+33.4% vs FY2021).


As of December 31, 2022, the Group’s net financial debt amounts to €256 million (vs €207 million in 2021), maintaining a solid IFN/EBITDA ratio of 1.85x (vs 1.81x in 2021).


The Group’s net equity increased to €196 million compared to €144 million as of December 31, 2021.

Key events during the FY 2022 and subsequent events 



2022 has been a year of substantial changes culminating in the renewal of the Group that aimed to seize growth opportunities and adapt to the changing market needs, as well as to optimally respond to the Group’s scale. This process began with the corporate restructuring and the establishment of Gi Group Holding S.p.A. as the head of the entire Group. The objective was to create a new structure capable of simplifying hierarchical levels and governance, managing central functions, coordinating the activities of Italian and foreign subsidiaries, and defining the Group’s strategies. 


In line with the strategy of enhancing global identity and visibility, in 2022, the Group launched its Corporate Brand to represent all business lines, countries, and people, thereby strengthening brand awareness.


The two-year digital transformation plan for 2022-2023, marked by the establishment of the new “Global Digital, Innovation and Analytics” function, has been set into motion. Its primary objective is to turn Gi Group Holding into a data-driven organization, enabling informed decision-making through descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analysis. Moreover, the plan seeks to streamline the recruitment process by incorporating automation. In this scenario, the Group invested in the cutting-edge Gi-Suite tool, a multi-product application for daily activity management. To ensure the smooth implementation of the transformation process and foster its adoption, in 2023, the Global Digital, Innovation and Analytics function established the Adoption & Change unit, aiming to support and guide resources throughout the operational phases, from initial preparation to monitoring selected KPIs, and the Database Monetization project to leverage the database’s potential. 

在2022年,收并购战略仍然是加快集团发展和增长的关键驱动力之一。随着2023年1月成功收购The Bridge Social,杰艾控股完成了其第50次收购,实现了一个重要的里程碑。卓有成效的外部增长战略也取得了重大成就。事实上,杰艾控股在毕马威意大利和Fineurop Soditic共同举办的”2023年并购大奖“中获得了享有盛誉的”最佳融资促增长”奖。

During 2022, the M&A strategy has remained one of the key drivers to speed up the Group’s development and growth. With the successful acquisition of The Bridge Social, finalized in January 2023, Gi Group Holding completed its 50th M&A operation, accomplishing a significant milestone. The fruitful external growth strategy also led to significant achievements. Indeed, Gi Group Holding earned the prestigious “Finance for growth” award at the “M&A Award 2023” promoted by KPMG Italy and Fineurop Soditic.


Within Gi Group Holding’s business model, the ESG growth factors, which include the commitment to constantly generate not only economic but also social value, represent the key drivers to achieve true “Sustainable Work.” 


To pursue this commitment, the Group partners with the Gi Group Foundation, which in 2022 obtained the status of an Italian “Third Sector Entity” designation. The Foundation supports the dissemination of the culture of Sustainable Work by implementing projects and providing targeted support for inclusion, targeting individuals facing difficulties in accessing or being excluded from the labor market.


Additionally, aligned with the pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the CSR Committee has identified the Group’s priority goals: 

  • 4 – Quality Education 优质教育

  • 5 – Gender Equality 性别平等

  • 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth 体面工作和经济增长

  • 10 – Reduced Inequalities 减少不平等

  • 17- Partnership for the Goals 促进目标实现的伙伴关系

最后但并非最不重要的是,在2022年,委员会决定将重点放在一个新的目标上,即可持续发展目标1 ——无贫穷。根据集团的战略、运营和公司管理,为弱势群体创造就业机会,并确保供应链上所有利益相关者都享有有尊严和可持续的工作条件。

Last but not least, in 2022, the Committee decided to focus on a new objective, SDG 1 – No Poverty, by creating employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups and ensuring dignified and sustainable working conditions for all stakeholders along the supply chain, in line with the Group’s strategy, operations, and corporate governance.


This social role, embedded in the Group’s core business, is also reflected in the Ethical Code. The document, adopted since 2014, was updated in October 2022, along with three new Global High-Level Policies: Anticorruption Policy, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, and Whistleblowing Policy, applicable to all Group companies. 

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