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At Gi Group Holding, our passionate people are driven by a clear purpose: to contribute to the evolution of the Labour Market through our daily work and to embrace the ambitious opportunity – and responsibility – to change people’s lives for the better.

This principle is embedded in our DNA, grows stronger every year, and is expressed through our ecosystem of integrated HR services across 34 Countries. As a Company, we’ve been able to respond to evolving scenarios and make impactful contributions to the transformation of traditional socioeconomic models.

Work has the power to generate priceless personal and social value: this is the reason why, as a global employer, we foster an enjoyable work environment across all organizations, and ultimately enhance the potential of every individual we engage with. 

The moment has come for us to declare what we have always been: More Than Work.

Together for
Sustainable Work

We are catalysts and pivot points in a complex process of change, working in this “decade of action” as the world inches closer to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Goals, some of which we directly and indirectly impact.

Inspired by our Sustainable Work framework, we generate a virtuous process of continuous improvement with strategic, complementary actions targeting People, Companies and Society & Institutions.

Our Pillars for
Sustainable Work

Decent & Safe Work

Sustainable Work guarantees dignity, regular contracts, protection from exploitation, safe working conditions, fair income, equality, personal wellbeing, and empowerment for individuals to have a voice in these areas.

Employability & Satisfaction

Sustainable Work establishes conditions that enable people and companies to actively sustain employability, engagement, and work life balance throughout an extended, healthy, and meaningful working life. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sustainable Work eliminates the hurdles that discourage or hinder workers from entering, remaining, or advancing in the labour market, while valuing personal contribution and ensuring equity and inclusion for all.

Safeguarding Resources for the Future

Sustainable Work aligns  with ESG standards without compromising the ability of future generations’ access to – and participation in – the labour market. It avoids the exploitation of human and environmental resources, while fuelling competences, innovation, and relations.

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All in all, we are ultimately faced with an extraordinary opportunity and responsibility: to contribute to the positive evolution of society through Work.

Together, let’s #ChangeLives.


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