What we do to improve
the world around us

This work, often compared with the complexity and solidity of a cathedral, is built to last over time and adheres to the fundamental principles of humanity: respect, ability, clarity and a great organisational capacity, with work methods uniting a strong operative that is also moral and disciplined.

In this context, the inspiring principle of our company’s activities is represented by strong company and human orientation: our work is based on the unequivocal value of that person, an understanding of the great importance that work has for them and on the deep respect and esteem for the firm as the basic instrument for the development of the company.

“With our work, we attempt to share in the efforts of all humans and entire populations to build the beginning of happiness."

This focus on the social role of our business, already inherent in our mission, derives from and is articulated through our Code of Ethics – which contains our fundamental values and principles. These are communicated to all stakeholders through the Global CSR Report, in which we publicly express our goals and account for our initiatives and results.


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