(Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

RPO is an umbrella term for a range of recruitment solutions that leverages our expertise in talent solutions and embeds it within your organisation.

RPO solutions allow our clients to outsource part or all of your workforce hiring, allowing us to continually innovate and flex your sourcing methodology to suit an ever-changing landscape. Whatever your goals we are here to help—whether it’s looking to optimise recruitment efficiency and productivity; improve candidate journeys; access new diverse talent pools; improve reporting; or access new technology solutions to support talent acquisition.

At the heart of each and every RPO we deliver is a partnership. This partnership ensures that our solution is built from the ground up and is expressly tailored to your specific needs.

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How does it work?

Whether you are looking to outsource your entire recruitment process (or just certain elements of it), our RPO starts with integrating our Account Directors, Recruitment Business Partners, Programme Managers, and Resource Partners into your business. In essence, we become an extension of your People/HR/Talent teams.

Following in-depth engagement, fact finding, and due diligence, our Solutions Design team will build a bespoke programme that we believe will not only meet your needs—but exceed them. Thereafter, a consultation process will follow with our design team and key stakeholders in your business to discuss, refine, and finalise our bespoke solution for you.

All our RPO partnerships follow the same core framework. We:

  • Create a partnership with our clients from the start, ensuring we understand your talent requirements and the challenges you are facing
  • Inform your hiring strategies and decisions by sharing our expert talent market analysis with you
  • Plan talent campaigns to ensure highest quality of talent is found and delivered
  • Manage all relevant elements of talent acquisition that has been outsourced to us
  • Report on all aspects of the solution—our performance, the market, candidate satisfaction, EVP, and positioning, your hiring manager population, and also on a wide array of specifically-designed metrics built expressly for your programme
  • Reflect on our reporting and adapt—continuously improving our approach to ensure the best talent acquisition possible
  • Innovate our solutions, even when we are exceeding your expectations, to ensure we have the best and most appropriate methods, technology stack, and approach to deliver.

Our Solutions

Looking to build a talent team but don’t want to create the resource in-house? Have a small in-house resource but with recruitment demands that far exceed the team’s capacity? Need to expand the reach of your attraction and partner with a seasoned, expert provider that can bring your perm hiring up-to-speed as quickly as possible without compromising on quality?

End-to-End RPO is an ongoing embedded solution that services your entire Recruitment cycle. This solution from Gi Group runs from Job Sizing, Evaluation, and Market analysis, all the way through to attraction campaign management; selection; short list; interview; offer and negotiation and then beyond—to all aspects of onboarding. Your stakeholders can be involved in as many, or as little, of the stages as you deem appropriate.

Have a project that will run for a specific period of time or a new project that requires a defined increase in your permanent headcount?  Project RPO is an End-to-End RPO model, applied to a specific project and delivers the same high value outputs, but within a defined time period to suit your project needs. The same care, expertise and talent is engaged in this solution as it is in our ongoing End-to-End model.

Want to retain certain stages of the recruitment cycle in house, whilst utilising external expertise and talent to deliver other stages? Have the capacity to conduct your own interviews and short listing but struggle to access the breadth of talent at campaign stage? Partial/Selective RPO offers a ‘menu style’ approach to RPO, putting you in control of all the elements you want to retain inhouse, whilst using our expertise to fill the gaps and ultimately create the best talent acquisition outcomes.

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