(Managed Service Provider)

MSP is a highly effective way to outsource your entire contingent workforce management programme to an external supplier. Through an MSP, you can manage the sourcing, engagement, and administration of all your contingent (non-permanent) workers.

As with RPO, there are variations of MSP solutions that are described below, but the key responsibilities of an MSP Programme are:

  • Provision of Vendor Management Software (VMS) to manage the end-to-end cycle of contingent workforce management
  • All aspects of compliance related to your contingent workforce
  • Continuous management of your contingent workers—including those provided by the MSP supply chain
  • Enhanced reporting on all aspects of the programme to inform and advise on metrics such as volumes, workforce planning, and workforce costs
  • Implementation, onboarding, and management of suppliers (often referred to as 2nd tier suppliers)
  • Vacancy requisition, handling, and distribution

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How does it work?

Typically, an MSP manages the entire contingent workforce within a client organisation. This includes temporary staff, contractors (both Ltd & PAYE), & SOW—although an MSP can be successfully engaged to manage only one or a few of these populations depending upon your specific needs.

It is normal for the supplier’s personnel (the Programme Office) to be embedded within your organisation. They will act (as with RPO) as an extension of your People/Talent/HR teams. The Programme Office will be responsible for all day-to-day activities relating to contingent workforce management including the management of open vacancies; ongoing management of the current contingent population; management of the supply chain; reporting and analytics; market insights; and, crucially, assisting in informing your workforce planning for short-, medium-, and long-term projections.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to engaging an MSP. These include:

  • Continuous improvement / development of recruitment technology
  • Improved access to talent, including more diverse talent pools
  • Standardisation of processes with reduced complexity
  • Clear, concise data leading to cost reductions and improved efficiencies
  • Risk control and mitigation
  • Scalability across more of your organisation
  • Cost Savings
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced time-to-hire and therefore improved client productivity
  • Effective and compliant supply chain management

Our Solutions

Gi Group embed a Programme Team within your organisation and take control of your contingent workforce delivery on your behalf. A wide array of suppliers (2nd tiers) are engaged and utilised to support your contingent workforce demands. Whilst Gi Group’s Programme Office may deliver some workers, they generally do not deliver the majority.

The Master Vendor solution is the same as the MSP solution outlined above but with a single key difference— Gi Group’s Programme Office fill the vast majority of vacancies, whilst relying upon a smaller panel of suppliers to fulfil the remaining vacancies.

Not currently offered by Gi Group, Neutral Vendor models see the supplier only utilising a supply chain to fulfil all client vacancies, the supplier does not directly fill any roles.

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