Why Work for Us?

At Gi Group Holding, we believe that your experience with us should be More than Work.

We want to create a fulfilling and enriching experience for you, that allows you to thrive both personally and professionally

Whether you’re an experienced professional or starting your career, we offer a range of benefits and offerings designed to support your unique needs and help you achieve your goals, positively changing the lives of our people and those we interact with. Here’s why you should work for us.

Investing in Your Development

We are proud to be a learning organization that nurtures talent and fosters continuous growth. You’ll have access to professional qualifications, personal development plans, and online learning platforms that cover a wide range of subjects. 


With us, you’ll have the resources and support to enhance your expertise and expand your horizons.

Your Family Matters

We understand the importance of family and want to support you during significant life moments. Our enhanced maternity, adoption, and paternity pay policies provide financial security and flexibility for new parents, regardless of gender or family type. 


We offer an inclusive environment where you can balance work and family life, including flexible working arrangements and family-focused benefits.

Building an Inclusive Environment

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our organization. Our Let’s Talk sessions create safe spaces for open and honest discussions on topics like neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ issues, and racism, and we partner with organizations like Race Equality Matters and 10,000 Black Interns to drive meaningful change and provide equal opportunities. 


Our commitment to inclusive hiring practices and diversity training ensures that all employees thrive in an environment that celebrates differences.


Work-Life Balance Redefined

We believe in empowering our employees to find the work-life balance that suits them best. Enjoy enhanced holiday entitlement, hybrid working options, sabbaticals, and the ability to work from anywhere. 


Our flexible bank holidays respect diverse cultures and religious celebrations, allowing you to honor the festivals that matter to you. We even offer paid Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) treatment for those experiencing menopause, as well as Meno-Flex working, IVF flex and Family Flex for new parents, recognizing the importance of supporting health and well-being at every stage of life.

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Gi Group Holding, we embrace our responsibility to make a positive impact on society and we aim to use our expertise to change lives in a positive way. Our initiatives include an electric vehicle scheme, cycle-to-work scheme, volunteer leave, refugee leave, and inclusive healthcare benefits.


We provide financial coaching, well-being support, rewards and incentives, and strategic locations that foster collaboration and community engagement.

Ready to Join?

When you choose to work with Gi Group Holding, you’re choosing a supportive and inclusive organization that values your growth, well-being, and individuality. We provide financial coaching and well-being support, and we have a CSR committee dedicated to organising events to support local communities and to raise money for charity, including our chosen charity, The Youth Charter.

 Discover a workplace where work and life thrive together. Join Gi Group Holding and be part of a winning team that makes a difference.

Join us and unlock your potential.